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Camera ID not found when Merging Multi-spectral Projects

Aircraft: DJI P4 Multispectral (Red, Green, Blue, NIR, Red Edge used)

After adding 4 separate multi spectral projects into Pix4d to be merged together, the program becomes unresponsive and I am given an error message saying that the Inputs failed to merge because the Camera ID 18446744073709551615 was not found. Warning w0008.
I have completed the initial processing for each sub-project prior to attempting to merge. How can I solve this issue?

Hi Andrew,

Can you attach the logfile? What were the steps you followed for merging? You can find the steps for merging multispectral projects here:

For each of the sub-projects, I added at least 3 MTPs in each band before creating the merger project. The log file is attached.

FU_merge_msp.log (16.2 KB)

Andrew, Can you make sure you are sending us the correct logfile as the error doesnt show up in the one you sent me. You can make a google drive folder and send us the following: logfiles, p4d files and quality report of each project as well as the correct logfile for the merged project after you got this error.

Because of the error, no p4d file is produced for the merger project. I have tried to attach the correct log file for the merger but I do not think that it even shows the error. Either way, I have attached screenshots of the new project creation and the error message. I am having the same issue with another set of projects using the same camera.

Hi Andrew, Thank you for the very detailed file sharing. What I see from the log files is the camera ID is for the RGB sensor in the camera. There are two things you can try:

  1. Open the p4d file with any editor and remove the line consisting of that camera from the rig. After making the change save the file. Do that for every sub-project and try merging again

  1. Process the RGB images along with the multispectral images for each sub-project and then merge

Let me know how it goes.