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Volume under forest area; 3D cloud incomplete

I want to calculate a volume of sand located under a wooded area. The quality report gives me a nice orthomosaic, but the 3D model only shows the areas without trees. I’ve added a lot of ties points… and it doesn’t change anything nothing

I use Pix4D Mapper, but I did the test in PixCloud and the result is pretty much the same.
Here is the link:

Hello Marcus,
The issue is due to the presence of vegetation/trees. I would recommend you to go through our support article on How to improve the outputs of dense vegetation areas?.

Tank’s Kapil
I will reprocess according to the recommendations.
The initial flight was at 68m AGL, do you think that climbing to the maximum legal altitude (121mAGL) will make a difference?
I’m using an M210 V1 and x4s camera.

Hello Marcus,
It would very complicated to do the volume analysis of the sand inside the dense forest as the sand surface isn’t visible. Even if you are able to get a better model increasing the flight height and the image front and side overlap as suggested in the article, you have to edit the point cloud to remove the trees to get a better estimation of the volume. For more information, visit How to remove Objects from a Stockpile for the Volume Computation.


I am a newbie in Pix4D. I have a question regarding volume calculation. Do I need to provide 3D images to the Pix4D for that, or will it automatically convert my 2D images to 3D by itself and do the volume calculation ?
If I have to provide 3D images from my end, could you please suggest me how to do that ? Actually I have a drone which will take 2D images from it’s camera.

Hello, The software will automatically convert 2D images to 3D point cloud so that you can do the volume measurement.