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Generating Volumes

I am currently learning the Pix4D software and seem to be having issues with volume numbers. When i calculate the volumes, my numbers are quite a bit smaller than what they should be. Is there a common mistake in the settings that i may be looking past?

I happen to be having the same problem. Roughly 60% off previous calculations on the same pile.

Dear Justin and Nick,

Please consider sharing your latest Quality Report to help us better investigate what may be the cause of the discrepancy in your volume calculations.

Send an email to with a brief description of how you came to conclusion that the volume measurement was incorrect.

We look forward to hearing from you.



I am looking at jumping over to Pix4D from Drone Deploy. A very good options that I find in Clouds based Drone Deploy is the Volume calculation. I have taken a look at Pix4d and it dos not have a option for volume calculations in the cloud based software.

I am reading the comments from other people about problems with volume calculations, have theses problems been fixed?


@Samuel Van Elidk: with Pix4D software the volume calculations are done on the desktop software. Something that you can do is to process the project on the Cloud and then download the results to your desktop to compute the volumes. There are plans to add a volume computation directly on the Cloud for future versions.

The volume measurements work fine on the desktop, the good thing is that there are many other tools that you can use too, and you’ll have a better control on the accuracy of the project in general. You can read more about measurements here.