Volume measurement not working

I am trying to measure volume of stockpiles in Cloud. Instruction looks easy, but when I press “calculate volume” the wheel keeps spinning for 20 minutes and nothing happens.
I have scanned the stockpiles with P4M RTK and processed the images in Pix4d Fields.
I have exported to Cloud DSM and Orthomosaic.
Am I doing somthing wrong?

Volume calculation is not working for me either. This was processed in the pix4d cloud new processing pipeline. I am reprocessing with the old engine to see if it works.

I am still not able to calculate volumes when processing with the old engine.

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Volume Calc not working here either. Any solutions available?

Hi @aleksandrs.kurjans, @tgibson, and @cole.hunt,

We are not aware of any malfunction with the volume tool.
Can you please provide here a link to your projects and the name of the volume polygon that does not work?

No need to share the project, so that other users can’t access to it.

Make sure that the DSM is available and the volume base surface is within the area covered by the DSM.

We are having this exact issue with our calculations, ranging from small 500m2 to 5500 m2

Hi @bob.coleman,

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Can you please share with me link to the project having the issue? No need to create a share link, just the URL is ok.


Hi @all, volume measurements are back up and running.

To get back on track, please return to the PIX4Dcloud dataset and trigger the volume measurement. The measurement should finish computing in a few seconds.

If you find that PIX4Dcloud continues to fail to compute a volume measurement, please share the dataset’s ID so we can continue the investigation with your particular dataset in mind.

The dataset ID is the number at the end of the dataset’s URL. For example, the dataset ID of https://cloud.pix4d.com/dataset/1754702 is 1754702.

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That’s good news, @Andrew_McIntyre!

Thank you and your team for the effort :clap: .