Wrong volume calculation on Pix4DBim cloud after desktop processing


For reasons of use GCP I am working on project on my desktop. When I upload results  - files (point cloud, mosaic, DSM, mesh) using web Pix4DBim, the volume calculating is wtrong. Volume vizualization implies incorrect DSM. When I uploaed pictures directly and process on cloud, it work ??

What is wrong?

Hi Martin , 

Thank you very much for your comment. In order to see the processing parameters that you used at the desktop can you please send the quality report using the “Contact support form”? 


I have the same problem. Here is the link of my project 


Volume calculation on Pix4D cloud is absurdly wrong. On Desktop is everything fine.

Do you know where the problem might be?



Hi Filip, 

did you process the data on the cloud too? or you just uploaded the results after processing on Desktop?

You will get the exact same Volume Calculation results if you process your data on the cloud and not only upload the results. You can do that by following the instructions here.  


Thanks for your responde.


Yes,i  just uploaded the results after processing on desktop. So its mean that i cant process the data od desktop if i want to use cloud sharing/measure? It will be double process and its make no sense.,


When i click on upload in Dile upload menu - my results on Desktop will be overwrite?

Hi Filip, 

You can do the initial processing on the cloud by using the instructions I mentioned.Your new project will be under the Uncategorized Datasets and if you have a project with the exact same name it will be overwritten

Once the processing on the cloud is finished, you will be able to download the complete processed project on the Desktop.

Therefore you will be able to see the exact same results both on Desktop and Cloud.