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Volume Calculation error source

I am wondering how to indicate Pix4d to not take in count the volume between the roof and the stockpile, as in the picture. I worry that there is too much of m3 for what really is. Thank you !

Hi Dominic,

The roof is represented in the point cloud and the DSM is calculated based on the point cloud.

Therefore if you would like your DSM not to include roof points, you need to edit the point cloud first and then re-run Step 3. This can be done only in Pix4Dmapper (not in Pix4Dcloud) by following the instructions contained in the article How to edit the point cloud in the rayCloud. When editing the point cloud, you need to assign the points belonging to the roof or above the volume you want to calculate, to the Disabled group. When processing step 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index , the points belonging to the group Disabled are not used.

After you edit the point cloud and generate a new DSM in Pix4Dmapper, you can replace the DSM already on Pix4Dcloud with the one generated locally (from the Files > Results section of your project).

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Thank you Alice,

I was doing all these steps exept that I was not running the step 3 after having edited the point cloud, so no effect on the cloud project when I was updating the point cloud. Thank you!!

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