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Pointcloud editing then volume

Hi there,


Currently on a trial with pix4d to take on some volumetric work… have figured out how to import my GCPs and do the volume calculations (ex drone deploy user) but now i’ve gone to edit the point cloud, to remove a structure from above the stockpile, but then after its gone, if you select volume it add’s it back into the equasion? 


If anyone could cure my stupidity here it would be much appreciated - image of whats happening here:


Many thanks

Hi Simon

If you edit the point cloud  you need to run step 3 again and regenerate DSM


As Jaakko commented, running again step 3 should solve the issue.

The volume calculations are based on the DSM and the DSM is generated during step 3

Let us know if you get any problem with this :slight_smile: