Can't work efficiently with volumes in new version because of separate Raycloud/Volumes views

Working with volumes in the previous version was easier when you had the point cloud editor available. You could hide all points so that only the points in the volume showed, which made it easy to edit out possible “spikes” in the volume caused by unwanted artifacts.
Now the volumes aren’t accessible in the raycloud view under Objects, or am I missing something?

Or am I the only one having this craaaazy workflow;)

Case closed. Found the Layers properties, it tried hiding from me:)

On the other hand, deleting points in the form of vegetation overhang doesn’t seem to effect the volume shape, as it did in earlier versions. Maybe I’m missing something again, has happen before…



Try moving the DSM out of the root file, wherever that may be stored. From my understanding volumes are measured on the DSM once its generated instead of the point file…or process only steps 1 and 2. You should be able to delete vegetation, and then recalculate more accurate volumes.

This was the solution for me when I had overhanging conveyors.

Unfortunately the Volume-view is grayed out, not possible to select. Using 3.0.5 Preview.
Editing the point cloud, regenerating the DSM solves it, but it’s time consuming.

Thanks for the tip anyway, maybe I should downgrade and try again.

The best way I have found to do this is as follows:

Run Steps 1,2 and or 3.

Copy project to a new file for volume calculation.

In the ray cloud, place objects that are interfering with the volumes in the deleted layer

Run step 3 again on the new file.

Use that file for volume calculations.


It is not as fast as the old way of doing volumes in the ray cloud, but it is the best way I have found with the new releases. Apparently this is the method they are teaching at the workshops as well. 

Hi Mapix and Jake, 

The volume is computed based on the Digital Surface Model (DSM) as described in this article:

The volume will be calculated based on the latest DSM that was created in the project. Therefore, if you edit the Point Cloud but do not rerun step 3, the volume calculation will be based on the previous DSM and the edits will not be taken into account. Hence, the solution to include Point Cloud edits (conveyor belts, vegetation,…) in volume calculations is to regenerate the DSM by running step 3 again. Note that this will also affect the output of the orthomosaic.

If you would like to keep the previous generated orthomosaic, we recommend to save these outputs in another folder so that they are not overwritten.