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Virtual Inspector: does it work when only processing step 2 and 3 in the cloud?

The Support section says that “The point cloud or/and the 3D textured mesh must have been generated on the Cloud, meaning the Virtual Inspector cannot be used on outputs that were uploaded.”
By point cloud, do they mean the sparse point cloud (step 1) or the dense point cloud (step 2)? I have a project that needs a lot of MTPs to align and calibrate all pictures correctly, which means I HAVE to process step 1 locally, on my desktop. If I then only select steps 2 and 3 and select upload to cloud, will the Virtual Inspector work then? I don’t want to just try it, because it’s a 1500 picture project and I don’t want to waste credits :wink:

Hi Jan,

When you upload the project with step 1 processed from your desktop, the cloud will reprocess step 1 even if you don´t select the processing option. However, for step 2 and step 3, it will only process the steps that you have selected. To use the Virtual Inspector tool, you have to process all three steps on the cloud. So, my recommendation is to select all three processing options and then upload to the cloud. If your project is processed correctly you will be able to use the Virtual Inspector tool.


Okay thank you. But this means that I won’t be able to mark MTPs when step 1 is done on my desktop, correct? Because the cloud apparently reprocesses step 1 anyway?

Hi there,

You will be able to mark GCPs or Mtps. The change done before step 2 of processing, will be taken into consideration while processing using the Pix4D cloud. For your case, process till Step 1, add mtp, reoptimize, make sure everything is good and then upload it to the cloud selecting all three processing option.


Great! So I will still be able to use the virtual inspector then?