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Version 3.1.22 Pix4DMapper Pro crashes on 3rd step of processing (DSM Orthomosaic

I am currently using version 3.1.22 of Pix4Dmapper Pro.  Since I have downloaded this version my projects keep crashing on the 3rd step of processing.  The project that I am running has 450 images… my settings are:


Initial Processing: Full, Matching Aerial Grid or Corridor

Point Cloud and Mesh: ¼ quarter image size, point density low, number of matches 3, 3d textured mesh off, matching window size 9x9 pixels

DSM Orhomosaic: Resolution 5xgsd , use noise filter, use surface smoothing , sharp, raster dsm triangulation, orthomosaic geotiff- merge tiles, contour lines 1ft interval resolution 100 and min line size 4 vertices…


I am running Windows 7 Professional,  16 gb ram, intel core i7-4700 MQ  CPU @ 2.4Ghz, directX 11


Please let me know what to do… I have been running fine for that past 2 months, until I downloaded this new version early February…



Hello Bruce,

The most important component for step 3 is the hard disk. Therefore, you should always make sure that there is enough space on your hard disk and that the amount of available RAM is adequate for processing. For more information about the hardware components usage when processing with Pix4D Desktop you can take a look in the following article: