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User Conference Question - Training

Is the training at the user conference being taught by Pix4D trainers specifically or just Pix4D curriculum? 

I have attended a workshop before, but it was not Pix4D trainer taught. Rather a 3rd party teaching a Pix4D program which was okay for some basic training, but many of my questions could not be answered, because the trainer had less experience processing different types of projects in real world scenarios than I did. I don’t wanna do that same thing again especially with included travel.

Therefore, will the user conference have Pix4D trainers available for specific Q&A even if I elect not to repeat the same basic workshop?


Hello Derek, 

Thank you very much for your interest in our training activities. My name is Ana Soares I’m Head of Training and Education at Pix4D and I’m glad to help you with your request.

All the workshops at the User Conference will be taught by the Pix4D Training Team members. 

The Pix4D Technical Trainers will allocate some time for Q&A sessions during both workshops happening on September 30-October 1s and October 4. 

Kind regards, 



Okay. It may be valuable for your team to let it be known that some workshops will be taught by a third party instructor.

The cost and experience was less valuable than what I was expecting because I assumed a Pix4D team member would be instructing with an ability to answer deeper questions and lend knowledge applicable to my scenarios compared to a basic tutorial of how to execute processing steps. 

You can imagine why I wouldn’t wanna do that again.

Time is valuable apart from the cost of another workshop so it would be important to know I’m not more experienced with Pix4D and troubleshooting/processing options than the instructor. 

Thanks for your response, I have a better idea now of what the User Conference is all about.


Hello Derek, 

Thank you very much for sharing your feedback with us. We will seriously take it into consideration for our upcoming workshops. 

I’m really sorry to hear that the training you attended didn’t totally meet your expectations. I will contact you personally to collect all your insights. 

Kind regards, 


Ana - Thanks again. I sent you an email via the support help desk. 


Have a good week. - Derek