Workshop Re-take

I took the Pix4D Workshop in Miami and I loved it.  However, it is A LOT of information to retain and as time goes by and I make models, I could greatly benefit from taking a refresher of this workshop perhaps 6-8 mos down the line.  Is there a way we could re-take this workshop at a (greatly) reduced cost?  Perhaps I can catch a course in another city and pay a fraction of the price ($150 or so) for the refresher?  Thank you.  Kelvin G.

Hello Kelvin, 

Thank you very much for your feedback about our Pix4D User Workshop in Miami. We are glad to know that you walked away with actionable steps for optimizing the way you include the Pix4D software in your workflows to be more effective and to scale your operations.

We will evaluate your proposal, once you find a class that you would like to attend please write us an email at mentioning your suggestion. 

Kind regards,