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How can we improve the Pix4D Community?

Hi there, 

We are working on improving the Community and would like to have your suggestions and feedback to make this Community a better place. :-) 

What is missing? What do you like? Any ideas already? 

Looking forward to your inputs!
Thank you


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Curious, What direction will Pix4D Software proceed?

GIS or Engineering.

High fidelity 3d reconstruction and measurements or optimized tool sets for GIS classification?

@Gary: that would be an interesting subject to discuss, maybe you could create a new post in the User space topic?

My bad, maybe I did not explain the purpose of this post well. In this post I was wondering if there were any ideas as to how the Community could be improved.

Recent changes in that direction was to improve the topic list page to make it easier to understand when a new comment or post was created: Another change was to add a user profile, where people can add a description of themselves and see where others have contributed, more about this here: 

Basically, I was wondering if users of the Community such as you had any needs, or felt like something was missing or would be nice to have in the future to make it a more pleasant experience on the Pix4D Community. It can be about the platform itself, or even about the activity in the Community, e.g. competitions, etc…

Let me know if you have any ideas or if you have questions :slight_smile:


Interesting challenge.  How to encourage a more participatory community.

I tend to visit this forum only when I have a question or problem. I don’t have any bright ideas what you can do from your side but, from my side, I’ll try to share more and not only come here to sponge up knowledge.

For a start, I’ll go add my user profile.

@Wynand Uys: Your story in the “Introduce yourself…” post is just incredible. Thank you for sharing. I’m always amazed by the different usages and places in which the software is used. Even in such places as the Kruger National Park! I hope you’ll share some of your stories and projects with us in the Hall of fame topic or in the User space. 

Feel free to directly add your story in your user profile by clicking your name in the top right of the website, then click “My Profile” followed by “Edit Profile”. 

Looking forward to your contributions!