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Greetings everyone, I wasn’t sure where to post this but I guess this will do.

I am an unemployed GIS professional with 20+ years experience. I’ve been out of work for close to year to health issues and other circumstances beyond my control. Regardless, I feel like I’m already out of touch with things so I wanted to bolster my resume and skills with training/certification while looking for work now. I have my own drone and flown, done pre-programmed flights, and even some rudimentary terrain mapping.

Question is, is Pix4D the industry standard for drone mapping? If I allocate money and time to training would Pix4d be a good way to go? Are there others worth mentioning. Grateful for any response. Cheers.

Hi @thompsonpmartin,

Welcome to the Pix4D Community :handshake: and for sharing your question.

I’m glad to hear that you are interested in training/certification at Pix4D.
Have you already taken a look at this page?

In the FAQ, you can find some generic questions and answers regarding training at Pix4D.
In addition, there is a contact form and an email address that will help you get in touch with the Pix4D training team.

I’m keeping this thread open so that other Pix4D Community members can share with you their experience with Pix4D training :wink: .

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Thanks, i will look into it!

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