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New to Drone Surveying - Looking for Help

Hi, I’m embarking on a change of career, going back to my roots as a geo surveyor (old school ‘level and theodolite’ guy) and I’m interested in progressing to Drone surveying. I plan to do a 2-day ground school training day and test, to get a licence from the Aviation Authority to fly in controlled airspace etc.

  1. As I am completely new to this, what should my next steps be?
  2. Is Pix4D suitable for small type geo surveys (i.e. a few acres, housing estates, etc.) or is it more focussed on large scale surveying ?
  3. Do you also need to establish ground control with Drones and Pix4D ?
  4. I’m not even sure if drone surveying will be suitable for what I need to do, for example can it do building facades ?
    Many thanks

Hi Aidan,

Thanks for contacting us!

I can see that you have created a Pix4D account, good! This is the first step! :slight_smile:
I will contact you by email to further assist you because the next step is trying our solutions and I would like to know a bit more about your projects and needs.

Best regards,

Thanks Lorena