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Complete beginner question

Hello everyone, I hope that you are doing well. So I just got interested in the drone industry and I’m planning on becoming a drone pilot, but I have no idea where to start, or what to do to get into the drone industry. Could you guys/girls give me some tips on where to start ? Thanks for reading and please excuse my English.

What is the goal of using a drone?
What are you going to use it for?
What kind of information do you want to get from the drone?


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1: I want to be a drone pilot for living, being my main job

2: I honestly don’t know, still can’t figure out

3 : could you please tell me what do you mean by information ?

thanks a lot dor the reply

Honestly, I think being a drone pilot is very difficult right now if you want it to be your only job.
I mean, drones in the end are a specific tool for different types of jobs, such as:

  • Surveyor: allows you to carry out topographic surveys like never before
  • Forest engineer: carry out forest mapping, roads, inventories …
  • Environmental consultants: now they can carry out plant health studies of the fields with a single flight, thanks to the multispectral sensors.
  • Inspector in industries: there are drones that are handled manually to put them in dangerous places before people.
  • 3D artist: if you dedicate yourself to the video game industry, you can use drones to create totally real spaces with photogrammetry.
  • Video maker: you can add sequences and shots with a drone that will add a bonus to your work.
  • etc. etc etc…

My recommendation is that before starting in the world of drones, you stop to think about what you really like and what you know you can highlight or offer to your clients or other companies. Then it will be time to invest and start with a solid foundation.

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Hey, thanks for the reply. I honestly don’t know what to chose because everything in that list seems interesting. My first step was going to get a drone license then chose a path ,but now doe to lockdown I can’t. Could we learn of these skills online ?

Thanks a lot.

Sure, you have hundreds of online courses. However, I advise you to start with the information you can find here in Pix4D.

Once you have a knowledge base, you will be able to better choose the courses in which you want to deepen.

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Alright, thanks a lot Joan, really appreciate it !

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Hey Joan, what’s the best course for a complete beginner ?

About photogrammetry with drones or…?

photogrammetry or anything thatI can learn online. I believe piloting a drone can only be learnt in real life

Yup, you can learn to pilot with flight simulators… personally I don’t like.

About photogrammetry courses…:

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Thanks a lot