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Favorite Resources List

Hi friends and colleagues!

I’m pretty new to the world of drone surveying, photogrammetry, and so forth, and have been on the lookout for cool tutorials, courses, texts, and blogs that teach related concepts.

I’m wondering if we could build a list here?

Please share below your favorite resources.

Did you find something that really made something click for you with regards to analyzing quality reports? Was there something you learned that changed the way you manage flight planning?

Please share! I’m hopeful that others might find the thread useful, too- I’m probably not the only new kid looking for a collection like that from our more seasoned community members.

It seems difficult to find the more nuanced topics (though plenty is available for “the basics.”)

Hi Heidi,
This is a good place to find answers to your questions. Many users here may have the same issues as you. I would also suggest visiting our support page.

You can find many tutorials here as well as descriptions of all of our products.