Usage Yuneec E20 Tvx camera in Pix4Dfields

I would like to use the pictures made with the E20Tvx from Yuneec in the Pix4Dfields app. I know that there is an option to make an XML file to get the files in the programm, but i can’t find all the necassary information to get this done. Do you perhaps have an XML file that matches with this camera? It worked with my LaQuinta multispectral camera, but I just can’t get this working.

Leon Koiter

Hello @leon-koiter, If a camera is not supported in PIX4Dfields, it is still possible to process a dataset if a file with the internal camera parameters is provided. For more information: User-provided camera parameter file for PIX4Dfields.

PIX4Dfields doesn’t support thermal image processing. The above method is for the RGB images.