DJI P1 & Mavic Air 2 camera support in- Pix4DFields

Gday Pix4Dfields,

When will Pix4Dfields support:

  1. the DJI P1 camera
  2. the Mavic Air 2

I need to find a high resolution RGB solution for accurate/high quality/high integrity plant counting……

Much appreciated,


Hi Anton,
Currently the DJI P1 and the Mavic Air 2 is not in the PIX4Dfields database. However there is a simple workaround that will allow you to process imagery from these two cameras. You will need to load a custom XML file into the camera parameters file option.

If you need the XML file you can either follow the instructions in the article below or contact PIX4D support.

Thanks for replying Mike.
Once a camera parameter file is loaded, does it stay in the software settings ‘permanently’, or do i need to enter it every time i want to upload a bunch of captures for stitching?

The file will remain until you need to upload another XML file. For example, if you have loaded the P1 file and then you need to process a dataset from the Air 2 then it will remove the P1. So always keep the files handy.

Hi @Mike_K

I could not get the MavicAir2 camera XML parameter file to work, so I made a copy and edited the imageWidth and imageHeight variables and the camera name, in the xml file based on the camera settings in the imported images and it worked great!

So it appears that the XML file parameters have to correlate exactly what the camera settings were initially. See attached image.

Hope this helps a future user.

Hi David,
Yes, the XML file needs to correspond to the exact parameters of the images. Specifically, if you change the resolution or the aspect ratio then you will need a new XML file. Or in your case, you need to modify the XML file. We always recommend using full resolution so as to avoid these issues.