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Support for DJI Mavic mini 2 and DJI Mavic Air 2

I usually use theese small drones. Have to have bigger drones for area calculation with Pix4dReact. Either have support directly or have an example of a XML-file discribing the cameras cold be very helpful.

Any timeestimate for when theese drones probably will be supported?


Glad to be in contact with you. Do you any a good dataset acquired by the Mavic Mini 2? We can test with the XML file. I think we should be able to process images from this drone. If you have a good dataset please send it to us. For Mavic Air 2 we currently have this XML file Please do not delete the file. You can import the XML following the steps at the end of this article How to generate an XML file to process a not supported camera in Pix4Dreact – Support. If you have a good dataset of this camera, then please also share it with us. This will help us to add the cameras to our database, and calibrate the values, so you can get the best results.


Hello and thanks for your xml-definition. I will test this out very soon.

Since I wrote this message a Norwegian dealer have sent me a Cameradef-file exported from Mapper. I may attach this file as well if you will see it. This file also seem til work good but I will test the file from you as well.

I tried to attach a fileset from my Mavic mini but I was told that I could only have one attachement :frowning: . I have covered the same forestarea at the same time with Mini 2, Air 2 and 2 Pro and may compare this. Very thankful if you could create a file for mini 2.

I see that I obviously have choosen 16:9 format in my mini 2 but I dont hope this interfare with your logic.


Hello again. Since I had problems regarding uploading files in the blogpost.

I was able to upload the files in your Onedrive-folder:

I created a folder called Mavic Mini 2 Files where you may find the complete set.

Hope this is for some help for you.


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Thanks for your feedback, and the dataset.We will check internally to see if they can be used to add the cameras to our database. About the files, If you got the XML file from our dealer, then I will recommend using that file. I am guessing you will see in their file the Radial and tangential distortion coefficients. About ”I was told that I could only have one attachment “ It is true. However, you can generate one file which contains the information of two cameras.

I am attaching an example that includes the Mavic Minit 2 and Mavic Air2; you can use this as an example to generate your files. Both files do not have radial and tangential values. MavicMini2_FC7303_4.5_4000x2250and MavicAir2.xml (1.9 KB)


Hi guys, I just got a mavic mini 2, and am unsure how to proceed, since this is my first drone, and my first software trial.
Can you please help me? I would like to map out an area with the drone and be able to fly the drone on the area automatically after.


The last time we tried to capture some data with the Mavic mini 2. DJI fly did not support automatic mission planning and execution. However, there are some other applications that you can use. But maybe this has changed, and someone else can share with us their experience. Though the camera is not in our Pix4Dreact camera database, once you get the images, those can be processed with an XML file. For any camera that is not in our database, I would recommend testing it with our trial version.

Let us know your results.

Hello again. Now I need support in Pix4dReact for DJI Air 2S. Is this avvalable?

Mini 2 still seem to have problems with the presicion of height or something so this give the wrong values of distance and area.


Hope you are doing well. Do you have a good dataset from the Mavic Mini2? If yes, would it be possible for you to share it with us? Above I mentioned the characteristics of a good dataset plus another from an homogeneous area.