orthophoto error created by mavic air 2

I’ve often failed creating orthophoto by Pix4Dmapper with mavic air 2.
These failed pics have failed synthesis area.
According to below link, I’d tried the camera parameter. But the results haven’t improved.

If you have any suggestions for creating orthophoto by mavic air 2 something else?

Hi @yo.nakamura ,

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The link you shared was for PIX4Dreact. PIX4D react and PIX4Dmapper have different algorithm to reconstruct a 2D/3D model.

Could you share in more details what kind of error you are facing? It would be great if you could share some screenshots and quality report with us.

Nevertheless, if the area of interest has lots of dense vegetation this article may be helpful:

How to improve the outputs of dense vegetation areas using PIX4Dmapper?

Rosana (she/her)

Thank you for your support.
Unfortunately, I can’t share the files because of confidencial.
I’d referenced your information of the link.
But after further retries for processing, I found that fixed the camera parameter improved curve, blunk of maps.
As the other topic, I could different results by 3Dmap and agr RGB processing for the materials.
Onetime 3Dmap shows the good result, other time shows agr RGB shows good one.
How about the reason?

Hi yo.nakamura,
If you are having trouble with a project, feel free to upload a quality report to this post.