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Is DJI Mavic Pro drone supported?


We have an DJI Mavic Pro (not 2 pro) old version drone. Does Pix4DMapper and Pix4DReact have support this drone? Can we use these softwares?


Hello @zaferbozyer,

The Pix4Dmapper is drone agnostic, meaning you would be able to process the data obtained from any drone. The Pix4Dreact also supports the DJI Mavic Pro camera. You should be able to process the images using both of our software.


Thank you for your kind reply.

So, i dont need an DJI drone… I can use any drone that have a high-resolution camera. Right? Just i have to generate an XML file that include camera parameters.???


When RGB cameras are not in our database of Pix4Dreact, you can process the images following this workflow: User-provided camera parameter file for Pix4Dreact. It is possible to create a camera parameter file as XML format and add it to Pix4Dreact.