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Mavic *2* Pro Camera Profile

I’m using a Mavic 2 Pro to produce some RGB mappings based on existing NVDI images (looking at erosion areas, drainage etc.). However, DJI’s JPG compression is terrible. So, I’m capturing (separately) in RAW and converting to JPG for Fields to process. However, although all of the EXIF data is present, and the camera name is carrying over, Fields is rejecting it as an unsupported camera. So I took a look…

Unfortunately DJI, in their infinite wisdom, have the drone set up to make the RAW files a slightly different resolution to the JPGs produced at the same time! This is the only difference I can see in the EXIF. The JPGs are 5472x3648. The RAW (DNG) files are 5464x3640. Having checked the help files it looks as though this is enough to throw fields. I’d like to create a duplicate profile with this single change to see if it works, but without Mapper I don’t have access to the xml camera profiles. Can anyone help out with the contents of the Mavic 2 Pro profile?


Richard (edited because I’m a fool and missed the ever-so-slightly-important ‘2’ from the drone name)


Can you try with the XML that I am attaching? If it does not work could you please send us some images? 5-10 images will be enough. You can upload it to a google drive folder for example.

Mavic2Pro_L1D-20c_10.3_5464x3640.xml (1008 Bytes)

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Thank you for the quick response.

That didn’t work. I added it as a Camera parameters file and tried this batch of files:

The error I received was:

Your camera is not supported at this time.

Camera found
28.00 mm f/2.8

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Got it. Lightroom was adding information during the conversion - a lens ID. Adding that to the camera name fixed the problem.

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Great! Many thanks for letting us know that you could process the images.
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