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mavic 2 pro Issues

hi everyone,

I recently bought a mavic 2 pro to increase quality datas but I unfortunatly I discovered lots of issues.
I read lots of topics about that issues but i don’ t know how to resolve it
If someone can take time to explain me how to solve it, it will be glad.

First of all, here is my config:

mavic 2 pro V01.00.0670
pix 4D capture V 4.12.1
pix4D mapper 4.5.6

1st issu : CAMERA optimization :
I test to put ALL PRIOR and it seems to work well but I don’t understand why in some cases, I have to select it and why in other case, i don’t need to.

2nd issu (the worst) : I don’t know how to explain it in english so look at the figure linked to understand dsm|690x388
DSM generation is absolutly wrong

I put also the QR for those who want to look at it.
test m2_report.pdf (2.6 MB)

If someone can take time to help me.

thank you


I see you used the 3D maps template. I would recommend using ag RGB template and enabling the outputs you want in the processing options. That will give you better results in terms of DSM as it is a homogeneous area.

If it still does not work, try processing without rolling shutter correction. Also, we changed the values of the principal points (x and y) in this camera in our database today, so you should get lower camera optimization %.

Can you process this dataset again?

  1. with ag RGB template. If it does not work,
  2. with ag RGB, without rolling shutter, and without all prior

You can then send me the report.

For getting a good DSM, we also recommend high overlap, especially for agriculture areas. You can have a look at this:

thank you for your help.
I made some tests with your recommendation (ag RGB) and it seems to work better.
I will do other tests soon, and i will send you report.

Thank you,

here are all tests i made with your recommendations.
better result seems to be with ag RGB template but image calibartion is very bad…

maybe i can try global shutter with news values of the principal points (a and y) Can you give me this values?

test m2_report ag RGB all prior.pdf (2.5 MB) test m2_report ag RGB global shutter all prior.pdf (2.5 MB) test m2_report ag RGB global shutter.pdf (2.3 MB) test m2_report ag RGB.pdf (2.7 MB)

Hi Hugues, The camera should get directly updated in the database. The new correct values are Principal point x: 6.4125, principal point y: 4.275. Also, the DSM in the report is made after step 1 from the automatic tie points (sparse point cloud). How does the final DSM look?