Pix4D Mapper Pro - DJI Mavic settings



I recently started using Pix4D Mapper Pro and I’m wondering if anyone could suggest the best camera settings I could use when capturing images with a DJI Mavic Pro.


I did a collect, both with still photos and videos (1080p 24fps).


It seems the Mavic Pro is not recognized when importing the images.

Does anybody know which settings should I use to properly process my projects?



Hi David,

We usually recommend not to use videos for processing since the results will not be as good as with still images.

Firstly because videos are more likely to have rolling shutter artifacts, and secondly because the highest resolution of the videos are usually lower than with images.

Pix4Dmapper internal camera database does include Mavic Pro (under the name FC220_4.7_) but since the videos have no EXIF file that can be accessed by the software then the camera model cannot be automatically recognised.

Best regards,


Thank you very much for your answer.

I will use that profile from now on.


Regarding video vs images, I’m aware of the drawbacks, however, when capturing big venues, the time needed to collect the whole location is XX times higher when done with images done with video.


It’s a matter of leveraging pros and cons.