Pix4dfield Camera support

I’m pix4dfield user
Is it support camera " Sequoia 1280x720,2.3. "?


can you let us know the details of this camera, what is its manufacturer? Looks like a camera which tells its a Sequoia (which we support) but isn’t one.

It seems you are mixing image resolutions as well. Share a few images of each with us as well, in order to provide the correct XML.

Can you check the file?

XAG008_0001_550nm.tif (818 KB)

XAG008_0001_660nm.tif (818 KB)

XAG008_0001_735nm.tif (818 KB)

XAG008_0001_790nm.tif (818 KB)


This is XAG X500 multispectral camera that does not tag the images properly.
it seems you shared images for “Sequoia_2.3_1227x679” but you are also using other image sizes/resolutions:

I added your camera parameters to the XML attached to this article: https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035481811-Your-camera-is-not-supported-at-this-time-PIX4Dfields

In other to process all your images, you will have to share all the dataset.

DISCLAIMER: the quality of these images is not good, and the information attached to them is not accurate. Despite using the XML you might not get proper map quality. Besides, Radiometric information is not present, hence vegetation indices cannot be trusted.
We would recommend using another multispectral camera.