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Pix4Dfields stitching failed


I wanted to try out the new Pix4Dfields but did not have any luck yet.

I tried 4 different data sets captured with 2 different Parrot Sequoia cameras and all I get is the message “Failed to stitch images. An error occurred while stitching the images”. This message pops up right after the import of the images is completed. 

All 4 data sets have been successfully processed with Pix4D discovery and with Agisoft Photoscan Pro.

The strange thing is, the sample data set “example_rostock_sequoia_msp” could be processed in Pix4Dfields. 

Any ideas on why Pix4Dfields won’t stitch the images, when two other programs do as they should?



Hi Christian,

Thanks for being involved in the Pix4D community.  As we have a second ticket open for this on personal support I will reply to you on the support ticket directly.  Once we can diagnose the issue from the logfiles, I can share with our community anything helpful so to avoid the issue happening again for yourself and other community members.

Kind regards, Sam


I know I had to update my Micasense Rededge-M to be able to use pix4d fields. The update was just released today June 12, 2018

Hi Nicholaus,

I have a Parrot Sequoia and it’s on the latest firmware. But thanks anyways.



Was there ever a resolution to this? I am having a similar issue with a Precision Hawk X5S BGNIR modified camera.

I stil cannot even get our photos to even upload with pix4d fields. We’re still waiting for another update.

That’s the issue we are having here as well. Glad we didn’t pay for this yet…

Just so happens my pix4d Ag is expiring this month as well…We love the ability for extremely fast processing speed, but I feel like it’s Half baked at best.

Thanks for the input. I feel that way about photogrammetry in general right now.

Has there been any updates to this? Our trial is going to be up before its usable and if that happens we definitely won’t be buying this software.

Let me put it like this. I have called, I have emailed, I have left voicemails and all they tell me isA. “We did not receive your support ticket.” Pix4d fields is complete trash, poor design, poor execution, and most of all it doesn’t even work! I have no idea why they released this. Bring back Pix4d Ag and just trash fields

My next step is to literally drive to San Francisco to get tech support 

Dear Nicholaus,

Thanks for writing on the community.  I have seen your ticket created this morning via personal support and responded to you directly to resolve the issues you are facing with your data sets within Pix4Dfields.  I apologize for the issues faced and would like for all our users to enjoy the benefits Pix4Dfields can bring to workflows.

Where this has not been the case I would encourage users to get in contact with us with individual issues via personal support as we will require the project log file in order to further diagnose.

Dear Sam,

If you are facing issues with Pix4Dfields processing images please raise a personal support ticket and supply the project log file as we will need this to understand the exact issue.  I have checked our camera database and we do not support the Precision Hawk X5S BGNIR modified camera yet.  If you would like to raise a personal ticket and supply a copy of each band / image we can see whether Pix4Dfields could read the EXIF data.

It is possible to modify the band weights within Pix4Dmapper and this would allow for Pix4Dfields to process the images correctly, however I would like to check this for you.