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The beta application don’t work properly, after process appears a big chromate square and no more, this was after the 3er time.

Hi Jaime,

The Pix4Dfields beta program has closed and does not contain updates / fixes.  Please ensure you are using the commercial version of Pix4Dfields which can be downloaded at:

If you are using the commercial Pix4Dfields and the issue exists with your data set please raise a personal support ticket and send the log file for the project so we can diagnose the issue.  We are aware of an issue with Sequoia RGB images.  A fix for this will be issued in early July.

To find the logfile follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the project folder, the location is set when you create a project within Pix4Dfields.
    2. Project_folder_name > Log >  Logfile.log

Regards, Sam


if I import images recorded from the Bluegrass into Pix4Dfields the RGB orthomosaic has wrong colors (green instead of red color). Why? How can I fix it? I think it is a matter to change the band, but I cannot edit them/



Dear Maurizio,


Thank you for contacting Pix4D technical support. I replied to your private message. As soon as we get a solution to your problem, we will share it with the community.

Best regards

Hi Maurizio,

I am sharing the answer in the community too. 

If you are processing RGB images from Sequoia, then consider that the focus of Sequoia lies on delivering highly precise and accurate multispectral data. The RGB camera on Sequoia is an add-on, designed to generate overview images of agricultural fields. The RGB camera, therefore, cannot provide images in the same quality as dedicated RGB cameras. You can find out more about the RGB sensor here

With a multispectral camera from Sequoia, then take into account that this camera does not have the blue band,  In fact, it captures 4 discrete spectral bands (Green, Red, RedEdge, NIR). The presence of the blue band enhances the red color on the images. In this particular case, the white color tells us that the RED band is there, so the result is correct. For now, the color mapping visualization cannot be changed on Pix4Dfields, but it can be done in Pix4Dmapper. You can do it there following the steps on this link