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RGB Imagery from Sequoia

I have flown a few flights with the Parrot Sequoia and am processing the imagery. I am having no issue generating the point clouds, 3D Mesh, or orthomosaics, however I want to be able to view the imagery in standard RGB coloration. I cannot seem to do this using the Sequoia data.

In many events in the past, I have exported the individual band orthomosaics into an ArcGIS format and have created the imagery coloration from there, but as there is no blue band with Sequoia imagery, I don’t know of a way to do that.

Is there some setting that I’m missing in Pix4D to be able to colorize the Sequoia imagery as standard RGB? I am using the Ag RGB processing option.

Hi, you should be able to view the RGB orthomosaic in Pix4DMapper. On the Menu bar, click View > Mosaic Editor (available only if step 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index has been completed and both the GeoTIFF DSM and the GeoTIFF orthomosaic have been generated). In ag RGB template, the DSM is not enabled. You will need to enable it and process step 3 again.

Hello Momtanu,

Thanks for the response! I’ve followed those steps and am viewing the Ortho in Mosaic Editor currently. However it is still in grayscale. Is there any way to get this to show true color? The initial processing selection was AG RGB.



Thanks for your patience. We will follow up on the community. We kindly suggest using the images of the RGB sensor of this camera to get the RGB mosaic. This camera has two sensors, RGB and multispectral. With the RGB, you can generate the RGB mosaic. If you process the multispectral sensor, you will not get that mosaic because, as you mentioned, there is no blue band on it.

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I am confused by this response. You have said the sensor (Sequoia) has 2 sensors - RGB and multispec. This is untrue as far as I’m aware. The camera literally does not have a Blue band, mechanically speaking. What am I misunderstanding here?


Is this the sensor that you are using right?

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