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H20 / H20T support

Has anyone played with creating a camera settings parameters file for use in react captured with an H20 / H20T (wide angle)?

One of the issues that I know you will encounter is that when taking a picture with the H20 series the files that are created in the DCIM folder on the SD card will produce [file name]_W.jpg (where the “_W” signifying wide angle) [file name]_Z.jpg (zoom), and [file name]_T (thermal). So you will have to manually pull out just the picture set that you want to stich together (a tip for this would be to use the “" placeholder and then the _W to show JUST the files that where created by the wide angle zoom - so in the search bar inside of the folder containing the sets of images type "_W” select all the shown files, copy, and paste them into a new folder and you’ve got your data set to import easily!)

We are tasked with creating orthos often and not having a fully supported fleet that works with React just caused us some issues, so I would love to get a parameters file to allow auto importing and support with the H20 series of cameras (wide, zoom, or thermal - any and all would be great).

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We have been in contact with you on support. I am sharing here the information in case someone else has the same question :slight_smile:

About processing H2OT images, I am adding an XML file to process the RGB images of your camera. Please download this file here and import it to Pix4Dreact the way we explain in this article: How to generate an XML file to process a not supported camera in Pix4Dreact – Support, and test it with your datasets. If you have issues, please let us know.

We would like to add as many cameras as possible to our database; this is not yet there. We need some good datasets to test and calibrate before adding them. If you would like to share some datasets with us, please contact us to support.

Thermal would not work at the moment; if you need to process thermal images, please contact us and share how thermal imagery would help you in your projects. It is very important for us to understand your needs.

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So your file was working perfectly until the most recent update. Now we are only able to get 3 or 4 pictures to properly show after completing the processing. I have tried on at least 4 data sets now using the same technique we were before with no luck.

Were there some behind the scenes updates that took place? Is there a new camera file that we should be using instead of the linked one?

Thank you in advance!

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did you check that the .xml file was still active after the recent update ?
If the problem still occurs please share a dataset with us: Drive Uploader

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On a separate computer (new desktop image) I reinstalled React as well as downloaded and installed the xml parameters file again. Using an old data set which had previously worked, I attempted to recreate the ortho using the same settings and was unable to properly recreate it.

3 maybe 4 images are placed on the overlay, the processing script appears to run through… something… and then the final ortho and overlay is shown with just the 3 or 4 images properly(?) placed ontop of the ortho.

Thank you in advance for looking into this, I recently attended a UAS Symposium in Florida and in showcasing your ortho solution sold several copies of your software to LEO partners across the state.

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Okay, to investigate we would need the dataset, can you uploaded it to the link I provided above please?