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Upload flightplan into Pix4D Capture

Hi, we operate in remote area where most likely the Pix4DCapture background map would not cover.  We have experience to generate a flight plan in 3rd party software and upload into a flight control system. We wish to know if this is possible for Pix4DCapture? 

Third party software -> flight control Apps -> UAV -> Fly


It is currently not possible to import, for instance, a shapefile containing the boundaries of the flight mission that you have designed using a third-party application. This would indeed make totally sense when background data are missing or outdated.

I have reported your need to our Product Team that will consider it for future improvement of the app.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


Amigo  Yeng Yew Yau, 

I wonder if another application already resoviste the drawback of Pix4dCapture?

Did this issue ever get resolved?  I think the Pix4D App is great but seriously flawed by only being able to create square or rectangular flight patterns.  It would be nice if they could be customized like Drone Deploy which increases our coverage area and reduces the additional missions, processing etc. required to cover irregularly shaped boundaries.

@mikel - your question was answered in the other forum post: