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Import polygon with an area of flight of interest.

Hi how are you?
I’m using a lot “PIX4D CAPTURE” application, but I always have problems with the flight plan because the end always missing flight area. The image of the area that I use are not good resolution and then I’m not sure how to define the area of interest. I would surgeria a way to import into the application with a polygon with the area of interest.


Nortonglay de Paula Matos

Hi Nortonglay,

It is true that depending on the region, the background views may not be enough up to date. We would suggest to try the Maps view instead of the Satellite view, as it is often more up to date.

Polygons would add more flexibility to defining flight areas. We have added it to our suggestions list. In the meantime, we could recommend to use Pix4Dcapture Android 3.0.1, which has a feature called Project List. This feature enables you to fly several missions in one project, and to see the overlap between these missions. This could enable you to better cover the areas you would like to map.

Best regards,