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Pix4Dcapture - When will be polygon mission available in android app?

When to You plan to put polygon mission in android app? It is in iOS app for nearly one month.

Hi Barto,

Thank you for your interest.

If you are flying with Pix4Dcapture on Android, this article will probably help:
There is no specific polygon flight option at the moment, but this is a temporary workaround.

The polygon flight is currently under development but was a bit delayed because of other priorities. Unfortunately, we are not able to give a timeline at the moment.



Very important feature for me as well; hope coming soon…

This feature is sorely missed. Have been asking for this for quite some time now.   It is problematic to do larger areas when there are strict rules regarding distances from people and flying over areas.  The workaround now is not satisfactory. 

This is a much needed feature. I am often constrained by areas where I am not allowed to fly but still need to map around them. Setting up multiple tiny flight plans to accomplish this is not really a solution. I see that it is an advertised feature on some of the new documentation so I am hoping that this means that it will be coming soon. 




Hi all,

Thank you for your strong interest.

We totally understand the need although there are several factors at stake that impact software development. The polygon mission Android might be available by the end of September but we cannot guarantee it.

If you are flying with Pix4Dcapture on iOS, the polygon flight is already supported. You can find more information here:


It is nearing the end of September, so was wanting an update on the polygonal mission option for android.


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The polygon flight was a delayed because of other priorities. Our developers now have this as a top priority in their pipeline but other features are also currently being developed at the same time besides SDK upgrade and new drone support.

This new type of flight required significant code refactoring that postponed the development of the feature. As a rough estimation, the polygon flight could be available before end of November.

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Hello. Please update on when this feature will be available.

Probably by the end of 2017 :).

It’s there!