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Pix4DCapture: Rectangular missions only?

I can’t believe that only rectangular mission area is supported by the Pix4D capture apps…tell me I’m wrong…
This would be the most basic requirement for any mission app IMHO…would seriously effect efficiency and practicality 99% of the time…

The ideal would be: draw polygon inside Google earth, export the KML & read inside the apps and mission would be computed based on that polygon regardless of shape or how many number of sides  instead of juggling to fit in rectangle or multiple rectangles…

Totally agree with you… this will help with mulitple things like only flying over the parcel of land you have authority too… whereas a fixed rectangle means you often have to fly over others land to capture the orthomosaic you are after…  Also the ability to pilot from outside the area of interest is critical as access isn’t always available to the area to be mapped… and you end up taking more imagery than required = inefficient!!

Hope they fix this soon.


The polygon flight is already supported in iOS. You can find more information here:

The polygon flight for Android version is currently under development but was a bit delayed because of other priorities. As a rough estimation, it will perhaps be ready by the end of July.


On the Android version it is already possible to import .kml/,kmz files. Check here: 

This allows you to visually define the boundaries of the area you want to map.


Hey everyone,

any News on polygonal missions for Android yet?





Hi Thomas, 

The latest news were that it should be ready before the end of the year. I would suggest to follow this post for latest news about Pix4Dcapture (click “Follow” at the top right of the post):

This other post is also discussing the subject of polygonal flights for Android, feel free to Follow it as well:

We will post updates as soon as the feature is released.