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Mission planning kml import, fly shape

Hello, Just start using the mobile app, really nice.
While on site trying to plan the mission over new development, not shown on the Google maps. Uploaded kml file from 3rd party apps after walking site around. From first one managed to upload kml file but pix4d show it in wrong location (must be some coordinate format problem), from second one can’t even upload kml file. Do you have any dedicated app for creating kml files in wright format which can be used in pix4d while on site? Simple export - import of markers or poligon. I know that I can walk around the site and shape the mission area to my current location.

Second question. Can I reshape mission area to the oval-ish (unregular)shape? Will need to move each corner separate.

Hi Pako,

Thank you for your interest in our products and the nice feedback.

The details workflow about how to proceed to use .kml and .kmz files can be found here:

The non-rectangle mission is under development and will come very soon (first on iOS).


Thanks for prompt response,

About kml file, I am interested in creating polygon and import kml into pix4d while on site, say without any Internet access or mobile network coverage. The example is really for the office preparation. An Google maps are not always up to date.


Unfortunately, office preparation is required. You could use GIS software to export polygon file to kml format and then import it into your device.

Regarding the background map, it is possible to cache them before going to the field when you have internet connection in the office. Make sure to load several levels of map zoom to save them in the cache.

Additionally, it is possible to choose different map providers for Android devices. For more information:

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hi, I wanna ask regarding the flight mission. How can I extract the flight mission that I’ve planned and convert it into KML file format? Hope can help me figure out this issue.

Best regard.

Hi Nurul,

We answered the question here.

Please, try to avoid duplicating posts/questions in the future.