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PDF of Flight Plan


I have several flight plans on the Pix4DCapture app for ios. I am wondering if it is possible to download these files as a pdf or similar file to a desk top? I need to be able to incorporate these flight plans into a word document.


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Not so much PDF, but KML into any GIS system.

Are you trying to create a 3d PDF?

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Good to know, a KML should work great. When I use the “share” button to send an email with the flight plan is the KML included in the links sent? I only need 2d coordinates. I just need to include a figure of the flight plan in a report.

Thank you.

Unsure what you mean.

In your flight planning software, there should be and export function.

Depending on the planning tool you use, exporting of the flight path or flight area should create a file most likely in KML format.

My flights plans are on Pix4D Capture for iphone ios. when I open a saved project the app only gives me two options; to “share the files with instructions” (in the upper right hand corner) and an “information” tab that tells me the settings I have set for the flight. when I choose to share the flight plan i receive an email with 4 attachments, non of which will open without pix4d mapper. I hope this clears things up? Are you using pix4D capture for android? 

Yes I am an android guy…sorry What files do you get email? Now I’m curious!

My colleague has an android so I will go in that direction, thanks for the input. I think two of them just “tag along” and dontt do anything but open a blank internet page, these are “projectname”.htm. The next is"projectname".p4d, however this files wont open with out Pix4D Mapper software due to incompatible versions? The last is a "PIX4DCAPTURE-MISSION file that perhaps is only able to be opened on a mobile device with capture installed.

I’m checking now, my understanding is that the export feature was added recently.

I am wrong, the kml is importable but only p4d is exported in capture app.

Looks like defining the AOI in google earth or other gis software, then import kml into the app works.

Sorry for the confusion, my fault.


Great, thank you for following up and confirming! “plan b” seems like a clever solve that will work well.

In Pix4d, Image properties…

us the to file button the create csv file to import into your GIS software.

sorry for confusion. again!!