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Hi There,


When do the developers plan to implement multiple battery swaps for longer flight missions on IOS platform?  Also, it would be beneficial to be able to import kml/kmz files into the IOS version for better mission planning.  Is there a plan of action for this as well as a timeline?

When do the developers plan to implement irregular shaped polygons on the Android platform?


Both of these platforms are long over due for these types of options within each app!  I would sincerely like to know a timeline on this matter!!!

Best Regards,



Hi Tom,

Here is the current status on the points you addressed: 

  1. A rough estimation for the multi battery mission for iOS is end of summer based on this Community post:
  2. Kml/kmz import for iOS: We have very few cases on iOS related to missing or outdated background. It is not planned so far to have the .kml / .kmz import on iOS, because the default map provider (MapKit) seems to be sufficient. Note that switching from satellite to street base map may help to adjust the flight plan.

Could you perhaps give more information why this feature would be useful? Is it because the base map is not accurate enough? Or would you like to prepare the flight plan on a computer before importing it into Pix4Dcapture? We can report your need as a suggestion for future development of the app, but more information would help to better understand.
3. An estimate for the polygon flight plan for Android would be end of September based on this Community post: 


Id’ like ton import KML files too… I use this format with my client. I will be very useful to prepare fly plan.

Yes this would be very useful, especially for pre planning from a cad oyr GIS base.
Online maps often don’t have the detail at remote sites for flight planning so accurate flight areas created in
Cad or gis then exported to kml is critical.
DJI GS Pro has the kml import function but lacks some very useful flightplan options in Pix4d.
Terrain following using available DTM’s would also be usefull as many Drones don’t hold altitude very accurately


I have moved this post to the Product feedback topic. 

@John: Thanks for your contribution!

Rather than starting a Pix4d Capture app feature wish list post I thought I’d ask here…

Are there any new features in the pipeline for the app?

It would be good to be able to define a polygon double grid area. With permission needed to fly over property it would make life a bit easier as very few surveys are a rectangular shape.

It would also be good to be able to define the direction of the flight-path along with start and end point. That way we could work the flight taking into account wind direction or to minimise distance from end to home.


Since crossing over from GS pro to using the capture app full time, it’s yielded better data sets but does miss some handy features. Also, our inspire 2 will sometimes take a while to change direction when it reaches the end of a line, which in turn seems to cause it to chew through batteries quickly, is this normal?




I have forwarded the suggestion for the Polygon double grid mission to the team in charge in order to evaluate it and take it into consideration.

At the moment it is possible to rotate the mission in the map view which, in the end, results in a different direction of the flight lines. Please, let me know if I misunderstood the request. 

As for the last remark about the slow turns, I would recommend you to have a look at the following community post: Pix4Dcapture - Slow Turns.