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Finding the right Survey planning App/ program


Hey guys,

we are looking into which app we wish to use for survey planning etc.
We will be using Pix4d desktop for processing and output 
We are running mainly ios.

i know some feature i can do, but some i am unsure of.
the multi terrain is the main one i don’t think pix4d can do, correct?

We are looking for the following features.

  • Upload from KML ( use google earth to plan areas) 
  • Desktop/ browser planning
  • Multiple battery option for bigger areas 
  • Terrain Aware feature for uneven terrain and constant GSD 
  • Share flight plans to other pilots 
  • full stats on how many batteries, photos, GSD calculator. etc


Thanks so much.

The multi-battery flight is under development at the moment. It will indicate the estimated number of batteries required to fly and also the expected GSD will be displayed.

Some of the suggestions are discussion in these active threads:
(iOS) Multi-battery flight / resume option
(iOS) Import of .kml / .kmz file

I reported your other requests to our app product manager.

Thank you for sharing them!