Feature request about batteries and missions

Good thing that we finally can do polygon missions, but i miss that that we cant save the missions like in the DroneDeploy app, so that I dont have to create a new mission everytime i’m flying the same Project.
Also when the Project gets so big I have to swap batteries, It doesnt continue where it left, and I have to make a new polygon again.

So I will have to go back to the DroneDeploy app again for my missions, sad cus i think the pictures get’s better in the pix4d app.

I hope you will fix this issues in near future.



I only use Pixcapture,and data capture features/techniques are as important as the processing of captured data.

Pix4D has done good things with their software suit, but there are many thing that would make good sense for the end to end process.

Patency I guess…


The multi-battery flight and the possibility to save missions on iOS are two top features in the the roadmap of our developers :).

Thank you for the feedback!