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Flying a long mission

 Hi, I have to cover a very long distance, using double grid, safe mode, high overlap, taking three pictures every waypoint, so the flight time is not enough in order to cover all the area in one flight…my question is, if the drone battery runs out, the drone automatically returns to home as if it were using dji go4 app? And when it returns to fly, after changing batteries, it takes up the mission in the place where it ended??

Pix4D does not support multiple battery missions on ios as I understand.  But they have promised to implement this feature in future upgrades.

Until then, try breaking your mission into smaller parts, that can be completed in a single battery.  One thing that I like about Pix4D Capture, is that after you have completed a mission, you can drag your mission box over, and it keeps the outline of the previous mission.  This way, you can judge how far to move it, while still keeping the proper overlap.  It is not as good as having the multiple battery mission option, but it helps in the interim.  You may also look at other data collection apps that support multi-battery missions.

Thank you so much for your response… I have another question for you, maybe you can help me. I have a client who is asking me for a grid pattern mission taking RAW DNG photos, in bracketing mode…I have been looking for an app that offers this option but i haven´t found it…Do you Know something about this??? Thanks…

That’s an interesting request.  Sorry, I have no experience with that.  “Bracketing Mode” means that multiple shots are taken at different camera settings, then photo software merges them to get a higher quality image… is that correct?  I was thinking that you could use Litchi, and instruct it to get several shots at each waypoint, but I don’t know how you would change the camera settings between each shot.  If I think of anything, I’ll let you know.  There should be an app out there that could handle it.

Yes, bracketing mode is what you said, take three photos with different exposures in the same scene. Phantom 4 PRO has this function (AEB mode), and taking RAW photos too. But it only works in DJI GO 4 APP. This functions are not available in other data collection apps for mapping or flying grid patterns. Thank you, maybe I´m gonna try litchi app… it could work…

I was reading about Litchi app, I think is not useful in order to doing a grid pattern, it seems like is just for video and photography, not for mapping.