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KML Import in IOS for Pix4CAPTURE

I am a newbie at this as of today !
I usually capture for clients using DroneDeploy and KML files are provided to me based on client outline of the project.

A new client has requested the use of PIX4D Capture to complete capture of 2 assignments due tomorrow .
My client agent has provided the KML for drone deploy but unfortunately I don’t see ANY way to upload them on the Desktop dashboard or the IOS device itself.

Short of having to get onsite and start fussing with drawing a polygon from a tablet and launch and hope for the best … I would rather pre-plan and use a provided KML !

PLEASE HELP or Advise as to how i can do this …

VERY Sadly This is an important project related to COVID19 two Cemeteries expansions and I would like to provide a good 2D project .

ALSO : DOES PIX4D continue the LOADED mission to the aircraft or DOES IT come back home if it looses connectivity … I would like it to continue the capture until the passes are done , or time to swap batteries.

looking forward to some answers.

Hi @serge.azadian,

You can only import the .kml file in the android version of the Pix4Dcapture app. This feature is not available on the iOS version of the Pix4Dcapture. For more information, I would recommend you to go through our support article on (Android) Import .kml/.kmz file .

The drone will continue flying, and land (RTH location) after the mission has completed, in case you lose the connectivity.


Thank you …

My android version was too old to accept your software .

I drew the contour using the iOS app.

It was a very large cemetery that used 3 batteries .

So question … what happens when you loose connection and mission requires a battery swap and 30% or 25% and it looses connection ?

Does to complete the required mission down the low battery or immediately return home ?

This is for future use and I completed my mission Friday


Serge Azadian

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Hi Serge,

After you battery reaches the lowest set percentage, it will automatically return to home. I would suggest you go watch the below video.