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Importing Flight/Mission Pattern Coordinates to Pix4D

I am attempting to fly a corridor for 3D modeling. The corridor is lengthy, so it will take multiple flights to encompass fully, and I would like to do a bit of preliminary work before taking my trip to the field. I have an alignment along the corridor that I would like to tailor my flight pattern around. Is there a way to import a georeferenced shape file or series of points into Pix4D so that I may better visualize the alignment and curate my mission around this alignment? Thanks!

Hi Jake,

You can’t import the shapefile, however, you can import the KML and KMZ files with a polygon to set the boundary of your mission on your Pix4Dcapture app. Just to let you know, this feature is only provided on the android version of Pix4Dcapture. For more information, I would recommend you to go through our support article on (Android) Import .kml/.kmz file.


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I also would like the ability to import an alignment for flight planning. I work on highway construction projects and it would be great if Pix4D Capture would accommodate a curved corridor by following a curved flight path at a set distance from the center of a road.

The best workaround I have found is to draw the alignment in your preferred CAD software, offset to create ROW/project limits, export as a KML file, and then design your flight rectangles around that corridor. My agency is swapping from Pix4D soon, this limitation being one of the main issues. We do roadways as well, and it makes it quite a pain