Does Pix4DMapper allow users to import shapefiles to guide Flights?

Hello, I am working for a company which manages timberland to use for paper, and as part of my job I need to allow users to setup flights along existing stand boundaries. I am wondering if Pix4DMapper would allow me to import the layer file I am using for these stand boundaries so that I can ensure that flights cover all needed areas. Additionally, if this is indeed a feature, is it one that pilots can use in the field, or would it require an administrator license to use? Thank you for any help you can provide.

Hello @eshupe , and welcome to the Pix4D community!

Regarding your question, it sounds more like a PIX4Dscan request rather than PIX4Dmapper.

PIX4Dscan is our professional drone flight App for optimal inspection data, and PIX4Dmapper is our photogrammetry software for professional drone mapping.

Since you mentioned importing a “layer file” into the software to set boundaries so your flights cover all needed areas, I guess you were referring to the “capturing the data” part :slight_smile:

If that’s the case, and after confirming with the PIX4Dscan team the details about your request, I can confirm that it is something that at the moment can not be done. But we would like to hear more in detail about what is it exactly that you are looking to do, or if in fact, you were referring to PIX4Dmapper capabilities more than obtaining the data with a flying App because we always love to hear from our users to consider future features for our products.

Looking forward to hearing from you Ethan.

Thank you, and have a good day!

Thanks for the quick response. To clarify a bit, I have used Pix4DCapture for a few years and found it very useful for collecting 2D and 3D Orthophotos. I work for a company which manages timberland for paper production, and we need a program for creating orthophotos, specifically so that we can assess recently cut forests to determine how many acres were harvested, and inspect the site for damage such as rutting. We currently use Site Scan, an ESRI app to do this, but are considering switching, and I am trying to determine which product would be best. Because I have gotten so much use out of Pix4Dcapture, I was interested in seeing if another Pix4D product would be able to take the place of Site Scan, but I have very little experience with either Pix4DMapper, or Pix4Dscan. One significant advantage that Site Scan offers is that I can enter my ArcGIS account, and superimpose stand boundaries on the areas I want to fly. This makes it very easy to determine the area of my flight. My question is, is there any Pix4D product that would allow me to do this? Is there an alternative process that would help me achieve the same end?

Thank you for the help!

As Gustavo mentioned, this is not supported with our flight apps.