PIX4Dscan flight app now available with any license

Hello PIX4Dcapture Community users,

The drone flight app PIX4Dscan, previously available only for PIX4Dinspect users, is now accessible for all Pix4D license holders, including trial licenses. PIX4Dscan has missions for mapping, 3D modeling and inspection use cases. It is supported on Android and iOS tablet devices (mobile support will come soon).

Pix4D is currently working on the next generation of PIX4Dcapture, which will be based on the current PIX4Dscan. We expect this professional application to be launched in the summer.

Download PIX4Dscan for iOS: ‎PIX4Dscan on the App Store

Download PIX4Dscan for Android: PIX4Dscan on the Google Play


Hello Kapil_Khanal
I was wondering if this app will work with the mavic 3 with the new update?

Hello @warren.bolton, The drone is not supported at this time. The list of supported cameras and drones can be found in the below support article.

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Will this app work with the Phantom 4 Advanced and the Matric 600 Pro?

Hello @wvdepdlr, I would suggest you go through the below support article,

I do a mapping for the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. I have been using your app for years and I really like it. I updated the firmware and now when I try to fly I get an error “geofencing error” and the explaination that I need to open the DJI software and correct the problem there. When I use the DJI software I don’t get any errors. So their is nothing to correct there. Can you help?

So it was suggested to me by Pix4D support to use Pix4Dscan for 2D and 3D mapping for an android device, because it is better suited for that then Pix4DCapture.

I downloaded the app for both Android and iOS. So, the app crashed every time I choose Phantom Drone Family on my iOS device, so I moved onto to my Android device (Both are tablets).

I get it to load, I login, I choose my drone and because the drone is not connected there are no options to do anything with this app. Are you going to tell me I have to have the drone connected to the controller and both the drone and controller has to be turned on, to setup any kind of flight plan. That would simply be a waste of battery power when out in the field. Am I missing something?

Hello @dterrazas,

At the moment, you would need to connect the drone before you plan a mission. However, we are working in a direction to remove the mandatory drone connection to plan a mission. We are also aware of the issue of crashing on the iOS device and we are also working on it.

The current workaround that seems to work is to uninstall PIX4Dscan and re-install it from the Apple Store.