Photo Acquisition App

I have used Pix4d Capture to acquire images for Pix4dMapper for a number of years and have been happy with it.

The problem is that I need to purchase a new UAS and Capture (and all the other available apps listed on Pix4d’s support page) do not support any of the DJI UAS that can currently be purchased new, such as the Mavic 3 or the Mavic Air 2s. I get the strong feeling Pix4d is no longer interested in supporting Pix4d Capture but I suppose we will know soon since DJI just released the SDK for the Mavic Air 2s last month. If Pix4d does not add the Air 2s, I’ll assume the Capture app is no longer being supported.

Does anyone know or recommend of an image acquisition app similar to Capture that can be used with a currently-available UAS?

Troy Kranz

Hello Troy, At the time we don’t support DJI Mavic Air 2 for image acquisition using the PIX4Dcapture app. However, you can process the data using PIX4D’s photogrammetry software such as PIX4Dmapper, PIX4Dmatic, PIX4Dreact, PIX4Dfields.
Regarding our development plan for the image acquisition app, I would suggest you go through the below post.

If PIX4Dcapture doesn’t support the drone, the drone pilot can use any other image acquisition app to capture the images and then use PIX4D Photogrammetry software such as PIX4Dmapper, PIX4Dcloud, PIX4Dmatic, PIX4Dreact, and PIX4Dfields for processing the dataset. For more information see which image acquisition app can I use with Pix4D’s software?