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Capture missing functions


Maybe it is just me, but else I am missing following:

I wonder why it is not possible in IOS (or evne on PC) to create offline planning like in Android.

Why do you have to drag the grid cross the entire map ?, to where you flight is.

Android project list dont sync to IOS mission manager.

Would like to be able to adjust the grid more, and not only in square/rectangle.
In Denmark we have small fields, and they are not always in a square.
I can easy waste 25% flight time because of this.

Note, you can in dronedeploy.

In case of drag the grid, if you go to were you want your fligth and the make reset (in the bottom left corner) the grid will go automatic to were you are in the map

Yes DroneDeploy is top concerning the drawing of zone of interest. Better then Map pilot by maps made easy. Pix4D could AND SHOULD take that exemple and try to replicate it in their software

Hi Rudy,

You do not need Internet on the field to fly (more info). You can prepare the flight in your office as well as cache the base map for few days. If you close and open the app later, the flight and grid settings remain and you will just have to tap Start.

Here are our recommendations to make it effective:

  • Define the size of the grid you wish to fly and move it to the background of the location of interest.
  • Move all around the grid in order to load the surrounding tiles.
  • Repeat it at different zoom levels. For high level of zoom make sure to cover the area below the grid.
  • Wait a bit between each move to make sure the tiles are loaded properly.

To plan on the field, you can tap Reset as Jorge suggested so that the flight plan is moved to the user location if the device’s GPS is activated but this will restore the default mission on the Map view.

The Project List equivalent on iOS is currently being implemented by our developers and it should be ready in some weeks.
Same applies for the polygonal flight but on Android first. Our developers started on Android and then it should also be implemented on iOS, right after the Project List.

Thank you for your feedback.


Hi Pix4D team,


I have a question for you. Is the capture app going to be upgraded? Our company choose you because we thought your software had better processing capabilities. But on the mission planning side it is very basic. Only squared shapes can be planned ( I’m flying over residential areas and can’t fly over others property, but the app sucks because is only a square pattern), there’s no overlapping settings, there is no flight angle settings, I can’t assign a starting point, can’t see the final map resolution, etc. We are considering just move back to our previous software provider. Yours is more expensive but offers less options. 

If there is a plan for improving these issues, when will be done?



Hi Ronald,

Thank you for the feedback :).

The polygon missions are currently being developed and will soon be available on iOS first, and then on Android probably. The final resolution of the map (GSD) is also something that we will implement. About the starting point, could you perhaps give more details so that we better understand what you need?

There are already options for the overlap, camera angle, speed of the drone and more. On the Home screen, select a mission (e.g. grid or double grid) and then tap the Settings icon to access the list of settings.

If you have any doubts on the optimal workflow to follow with the app, you can refer to our getting started: