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Please add multi flight plans

We need to fly several adjacent grids for a project over forest area and it’s very difficult to plan several overlapping grids for a combined project since there is no obvious landscape feature. Please add a feature to the app where we could pre-plan and save sets made of several project grids so we can plan our work ahead of time, make sure that we have good overlap on all of them and are able to keep track of what has been done and where.

This seems to me like an easy feature to add… I just want to be able to create more than one grid and save them, then just select the one that I want to execute when I’m ready to fly.

This would be very important capability for those of us who fly in remote areas with no cellular coverage so that we could preplan the flight before heading out.

I think its one thing that really would help us guys who work in places without any internet connection. That’s one off the big downsides of Pix4D Capture. That’s why actually I use the Map Pilot from maps made easy.

Please solve this issue quickly

Me too would like this feature. I work and capture pictures of and in the woods and would like to setup multiple flights at multiple AGL’s.

Hi all,

The multiple flight mission will come very soon on Android, but will require lot of development and time on iOS.
It will be possible to plan several grids in advance. All missions will be shown on the map and will be part of one unique flight project.
The overlap of the different missions will then be easy to adjust.

Regarding the background map, it is possible to cache them before going to the field when you have internet connection in the office.
Here are our recommendations to make it effective:

  • Define the size of the grid you wish to fly and move it to the background of the location of interest.
  • Move all around the grid in order to load the surrounding tiles.
  • Repeat it at different levels zoom. For high level of zoom make sure to cover the area below the grid.
  • Wait a bit to between each move to make sure the tiles are loaded properly.