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could I reuse the mission that I already have used before?



I am a drone and the pix4d user.


Now I am trying to make a map that before-after typhoon at a certain beach area.

In order to get the same images from a drone, I think, the drone should have the same flight path.

So, I want to get the same grid mission I’ve already used. But as far as I know, there is no way to bring the same grid mission. am I correct?


Also, I have an another question is that when I create 60 % over lap on the mission grid, is it same over lap size with side and endlap?

Thanks in advance



The exact feature you need is part of the new version of Pix4Dcapture that was released last week for Android! Among other, you are able to duplicate missions using the Project List.

Android Pix4Dcapture (3.0.1), release notes:
How to use the Project List:

The overlap that can be selected in the settings is the frontal overlap which is also related to the side overlap. However, the side overlap is slightly smaller than the frontal one. Basically what the application does is that it finds the distance needed between 2 images to have the frontal overlap selected. To compute the distance interval between the lines and so the number of lines in the grid, the app uses twice the distance between the images that defines the frontal overlap.

The side overlap is a bit more flexible because it depends on the number of lines of the mission. For example for the same frontal overlap, if you have 2 lines and you stretch a bit more the size of the mission, you will get pass a threshold and the app will compute that a new line can be added and the mission will have 3 lines for the same frontal overlap. In that case the side overlap will indeed be different between 2 and 3 lines but the frontal overlap will remain fixed.

Hope this information is useful.


Is it possible to reuse a mission in the iPad app? I don’t see the project list in the app.


Also, on the side overlap… If we increase pix4d’s overlap setting, the drone speed reduces, presumably to ensure sufficient frontal overlap. However, we’re using a Sequoia and we can set frontal overlap independently, so don’t want the drone speed to be reduced as it reduces capture area per battery. Could the side overlap be added as an additional setting? 


The Project List is currently being implemented on the iOS app and is not available yet. It will not be available before 2 months probably.

We actually do not support drones flying a Sequoia camera but we have passed your suggestion about making a separate option for the side and front overlaps to our developers.

Thank you for sharing your feedback.