Pix4Dcapture - How to save project or mission in Pix4Dcapture iOS?

Is there any way to pre-plan and save a flight mission with the iOS version of the capture app, similar to the Project List in the Android capture app?

Hi Stefan,

Unfortunately the IOS version of the app does not yet allow you to plan the mission, e.g. in the office, and save it for later. However our dedicated Capture Team is working on implementing it, and soon this option will be available.


What does “soon” mean? My organization is limited to using iOS devices.

Hi Jason,

Unfortunately it is difficult to give an exact time of the release. A rough estimation is before the end of May. It is one of the top priorities.

Note however, even if you close Pix4Dcapture, force quit Pix4Dcapture and even reboot the device, the flight plan that you designed will remain on the Map view when re-opening the app and even if you reboot the device.

Regarding the base map, the background is automatically cached for 2-3 days depending on how the temporary memory of the device is used. You can take advantage of these temporary background maps to plan flights without Internet connection.


I had been using a Samsung tablet and was thrilled that you could save missions, but unfortunately, DJI no longer supports the Samsung Tab devices (it become completely unusable - wouldn’t even connect to the drone anymore) and so I am using an iPad. I am going to remote areas in Sweden and Finland and will not have Wifi access. Is there any progress on being able to save missions ahead of time? 2-3 days caching won’t really help me as I will be there for three weeks.  I need to set up about 8 missions and be able to save them, as I could do with the Android device.  I love Pix4DCapture when it works, but this is a fundamental requirement that may scupper us being able to use it!

Hi Jean,

Could you give us more information which model of Samsung tablet you were using? Is there a specific official announcement about it?

As already mentioned, we are already considering to implement the option to save missions on the iOS version of the app. It could be ready by the end of summer but we can not guarantee it.


It is a new Samsung Tab A which is no longer on the DJI supported list but used to be and I was told by the salesperson when I bought it that it would be fine.  There haven’t been any specific announcement, no.  It is just no longer on the list from DJI.  The forums said it isn’t powerful enough which seems crazy.

Too bad about the saving missions - it seems pretty fundamental.  I’m afraid I will have to use something else for my trip.

I agree, this is a fundamental piece of functionality that is missing. So at the moment can I only plan one mission on the ios app? I need to be able to plan more than that as I need to plan several missions before going in to remote areas to fly. Regards.

Has there been any update on the release of IOS being able to save. The Institute that I work with is also in interested in saving maps, and works in remote locations in Canada. Also, will there be a later time when base maps can be saved fully to the device (such as Map Pilot does). 

@Io, the last mission that you plan will be displayed the next time you open the app. The map in the mission area will be cached in the internal memory of the device for 2-3 days. Make sure that you move all around the flight to load the surrounding tiles which will allow you to plan other missions nearby on the field without the internet connection.

As mentioned we are already considering the Save option. The timeline that it could be ready by the end of summer remains.

So, this has been going on for a while. The iOS app is quite useless for any serious mapping mission without the ability to preplan and save jobs. Which is a pity, I really like the logical and intuitive UI of Pix4D software. But unless this basic function is implemented I won’t touch it. I am considering buying a license for the desktop app but again, if the OS I am using does not receive the same effort as others I cannot justify such an investment…


We are glad to announce that the option to pre-plan and Save missions is now implemented in the latest iOS version of the app.

Users can save a mission in Map view and recall it from the memory using the Mission manager. Feel free to try it out and let us know your feedback here.

Please have a look at the technical release notes to get a more information about new features and improvements. 

Congratulations on getting this out! Thank you for responding to users’ needs. Looking forward to trying out the new features.

Excellent! Tried it out and works like a charm. Two questions:


  1. How do I rename a mission?

  2. Can I subdivide missions into several grids/ circular flights?



went out today to fly my first mission using Capture app and my Mavic Pro. Very disappointing experience as the app crashed during camera initialisation. Is this a known bug?

Thank you for positive feedback ( :


At the moment it is not possible to rename a mission or to subdivide missions. You can plan a single mission in the map view and save it as e.g. “Project 00000”. We are already considering the possibility of renaming missions and multiple missions. 

We have answered your question about the app crash on [Pix4Dcapture iOS 2.2.0] Feedback and experience community post.



The new ability to save missions is great, and I can even email them to myself, and rename them when I save them on my computer, which is fantastic!

That said, I can’t work out how to load a mission I’ve created onto another device. How to I add a mission that I’ve emailed to myself into Pix4DCapture on a different device?

Thank you



The function is meant to share .p4d and images, not flight plans. It’s true that with the new mission saving feature the correct placement of that button should be reconsidered since it only makes sense after the mission is flown and synchronized. Thank you for pointing it out.


In order to copy the flight plan (mission) from one device to the other you will need to download the Mission folder and transfer it to the other device using iTunes or similar software. We are thinking about the way to make this workflow more efficient and user friendly.


The possibility to save project is great!! The only thing I miss is the possibility to re-name saved projects. 

@Anders, thank you for the feedback ( :

I would suggest that you share your comments about the possibility to re-name projects in the Product feedback topic of our community, either by commenting on an existing post on the subject or by creating a new post. This will enable other users to discuss and up-vote your feedback and enables us to have an overview of all the user inputs.