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iOS - Renaming Projects in Pix4d Capture

Is there any way to rename a Project in Pix4dCapture? I’m losing track with all the flights that I am planning. 

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That would be wonderful.

But for now, I’ll bet we must use the best naming convention and organizing system that works for us till this gets moved to a higher priority for the developers.

Hi Kevin and Gary,

It is not possible at the moment to rename projects on iOS version of Pix4Dcapture. Your feedback to get the possibility to rename projects has been shared with the developer’s team so that they consider to implement it with a higher priority.


This is a must for those that fly repeatedly especially if you fly over the same area more than once. Why can’t this be added?

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im continually amazed at how simple processes are overlooked and take years to implement. I am attempting to use Capture as my mapping flight planner now that I am going away from DroneDeploy however not being able to name a mission is absurd and cannot imagine how this was overlooked. It’s a shame. 

I started a note in the “Notes” app where I list the Project Number and a description and just reference that. I agree it is a pain but is working for us for the time being.

I am baffled that this simple and incredibly important feature was not in from the beginning. How is one to track their actual projects? Especially when you fly that site regularly? Am I expected to keep a spreadsheet or relational database to identify the mission number and reference it to the actual job? I am completely baffled.

Also, you should be able to export a job or otherwise save it to another location for safe keeping/backup and have the ability to load/import it back into Pix4D on the same iPad or a different one. Even cross platform since we use both Android and iOS for our jobs. 

Hi Darren,

Thank you for your feedback. It is always valuable to get comments from users dealing day-to-day with our application and be sure that we read them, take them into account and encourage them.
I fully understand your concerns here. The approach of our applications in the future is to have more interoperability between platforms/devices to simplify/improve the user’s experience, especially for people who fly a lot, by having the possibility to easily organize/sort/import/export flight plans. A special attention is given by our teams for this at the moment.

Thanks for your understanding,


BUMP - please add this feature.  
Agree with previous commenters that this is a basic necessity.
Thank you.


As part of quarry survey controls, I am flying repeats over multiple areas frequently.  The inability to rename from the default Projectxxx is surprising given it is, normally, such a basic file-handling feature. The date/time on each project is of little use as I fly several areas from the same launch.

Is there any sort of rough timeline for this to be implemented for iOS please? 

I see that this has been on the list for “special attention by [your] teams” for some time now - Might I suggest a priority on a ‘Premium’ release for those of us who have paid for a full Mapper etc licence?



I tried this app almost 2 years ago.  Really liked it and would prefer to use it, but the inability to name projects was a deal breaker.  I decided to check back today only to find this still hasn’t been addressed.  I’d use your product if this SIMPLE functionality was added.  Please add name, or description, or note, or something to allow the user to track projects by their OWN identifier. 

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I am mapping lakes multiple times each year to track macrophyte growth and coverage. I should be able to name my projects instead of opening each one to verify which project I want to re-fly. Please add this very basic feature on the next update!

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Agreed, Multiple environmental projects in one day at different areas.  The  “Project 001” identifier is not helpful.

I get out a pencil and a piece of paper. Always works :wink:

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Until you lose it! As a paying customer, i simply figure Pix4D could incorporate this simple “feature.”

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I hope your not losing your flight logs! :wink: I’d trade the project naming for more than 99 way points btw, much bigger issue.

Absolutely boggles my mind that something as simple and basic as naming a project is still “in the works”?

I’m in the process of convincing my boss to switch to this software from DroneDeploy and this is definitely going to be an issue. 

At least I found out that I’m not the idiot who can’t rename a simple file. 


It seems clear to me that Pix4D has de-prioritized the capture app to focus on others more profitable ends. They haven’t had any significant updates to the capture app in a long time that would make use so much easier including what you outline. It’s decision time for end users to step away and look for alternatives. To those in control that read this, it’s time for a major upgrade on many fronts. For those employed I’m happy to provide real enduser feedback 

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I try not to use Pix4D Capture. I think it sucks. Besides the obvious stuff mentioned above, does anyone notice the UAV lingers unnecessarily at the first waypoint before starting the mission while battery strength diminishes? On a double-grid it seems I can’t create a polygon or any shape other than one with four corners. Trying to move my mission is also a pain on my IPad because half the time the size shrinks or explodes rather than moves geographically because I haven’t selected the very center of the mapping area. These reasons alone were enough to abandon the use of the Capture App a long time ago. I’ve used it a few times when doing a demonstration. I share my opinions of it’s weaknesses and qualities. I give it about a 2 out of 5.

In my opinion if Pix4D rides their advantage with processing and neglects items which they believe are on the fringe of their more lucrative product offerings it’s just asking for a competitor to take advantage of that complacency to implement more user friendly systems while Pix4D users begin to feel slighted. Before long those advantages vanish and professionals learn they don’t need to be pigeon-holed into one App, or software platform to accomplish their objectives.


My .02 cents. 

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